Be a Better Speaker Brad Camp

A good name is to be more desired than great riches.” Proverbs Chapter 22 verse 1.

As the Time-Lord I have been speaking for almost 35 years.

In October 2016 I attended the best and most innovative speaker training day that I have ever  attended. I have even trained folk in public speaking!

This day was bursting with nuggets of gold. You do not have to mine deep in order to gain from this day.

My experience includes speaking in churches, on radio, on TV, as well as posting blogs on the internet, as well as being a sales manager and running my own business and giving presentations and running training courses.
Never have I experienced anything like this.

Get yourself booked onto a BradCamp, not for glory and ego, but because you will learn so much about speaking and much, much more than this.

Below is my testimonial.

You can read more about the camps of Brad Burton by clicking here but ONLY after watching my video below, of course.

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